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AVAG is used by construction companies, surveyors and other professions. AVAG brings innovation and opens up new ways of cooperating and working efficiently with drone data.

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Discover the application’s key features

Explore all the useful functions in the AVAG application. Calculate volumes between digital models and future project models. Work in 2D and 3D environments, on foundation cadastral maps and discover much more.

Volume calculations

Draw a polygon and calculate volumes on one layer, between layers and future project data.

Polygons / points / lines

Create polygons, points and lines and work efficiently and directly in a map environment with your digital models.

Import / export

Import your own geodetic data or conversely, export work done.

Measurement Protocol

Once you have calculated volume, AVAG allows you to export the measurement protocol to PDF, including graphics.

Situational Plan

Insert a coordination situation for better orientation in the map. All in a common coordinate system.

3D Environment

Switch from 2D to 3D and work even more efficiently. All 3D layers still stay nicely in place.

Projects and Objects

The shape and structure of your data is determined primarily by you. AVAG won’t limit you and can handle giant projects.

Upload GeoTIFF data

You can easily upload your own digital models and orthophotos to the application. What’s more, AVAG creates a slope terrain model from a digital one!

User Management

Share your data with anyone - whether it’s within the company, partners or a third party.

Cross-Section Comparison

View a cross-section of one or more survey surfaces (designs) along a line

Automatically generated cross-sections

Automatically generated cross-sections on the axis. For example you can generate the cross-sections on the axis of the road, which you import from CAD.

Fill/cut maps

Use polygon tool and measure progress or change between two selected survey surfaces.

AVAG on important construction sites in CZ

D4 - more than 30 km of linear construction - PPP Project

Every month data from the entire construction site goes into the AVAG app.

Every week construction company teams work with the AVAG app in meetings.

Every day dozens of construction managers, surveyors and contractors use AVAG.

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AVAG on Important Construction Sites in CZ

Southern Tangent - Connecting D3 and the airport in České Budějovice

AVAG is on a tangent from the green field.

AVAG and the regular use of drones made invoicing as fast and easy as possible.

AVAG and layers of 3D project models allow managers to make perfect decisions.

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Our clients who use the AVAG application and companies or entities involved in its development.


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